Emergency Notification

Send Word Now provides flexible communication solutions that are used for a wide variety of applications for both emergency and everyday use.


Send Word Now’s alerting service provides two-way, on-demand emergency messaging to a designated group of recipients across a variety of platforms. From email to voicemail, mobile to BlackBerry® smartphone, alerts are transmitted to the communication device of each recipient’s choice. Leading organizations across a wide range of industries depend on Send Word Now to deliver thousands of messages across a broad range of recipients within just minutes.

The Send Word Now alerting service is an easy-to-use, member-activated interface that doesn’t require new hardware or technical expertise to master. Your recipients can sign up for alerts via the communication device of their choice and update their personal profile as needed. Once your alert is blasted, they can respond via Get Word Back, providing you with vital information about their status as a situation develops. Within the alerting console, administrators can track and document responses, initiate conference calls, and quickly reference all sent and received messages for auditing purposes.

By tailoring its services to the needs of its customers, Send Word Now consistently provides innovative notification solutions that outmatch its competitor’s offerings. Through the use of dynamic groups, multiple points of contact, and unique features by account such as Get Word Back, AlertLinks, and push conferencing, customers can take advantage of Send Word Now’s customizable platform to maximize their crisis communication efforts.

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Send Word Now’s Incident Management Service (IMS) fully integrates a streamlined incident management framework with the robust messaging capabilities of Send Word Now’s Alert Service to create a powerful emergency management platform that can be used by all types of organizations. Embedded within the Send Word Now alerting platform, the IMS console allows users to easily manage and share events, incidents, and tasks, so that no time is wasted during time-sensitive situations. Users can set up office locations, assign and track tasks and uploaded documents, share access to events with others, as well as prioritize the tasks associated with an event.

Send Word Now’s groundbreaking IMS platform offers emergency management officials an invaluable set of tools to coordinate their responses during crisis situations. For example, after a massive earthquake strikes in a given region, groups of emergency responders and corporate officials can use Send Word Now’s centralized IMS console to send alerts, communicate internally, coordinate humanitarian relief and rescue efforts, monitor and respond to any escalations in crime or instances of looting, and plan for any aftershocks. The service simplifies what is often a very complex process of crisis communication, allowing emergency responders to spend more time solving problems, getting results, and saving lives.

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